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 Show 3.09 - "Heartbreaking Loss: Take Two"

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PostSubject: Show 3.09 - "Heartbreaking Loss: Take Two"   Wed Oct 17, 2007 2:25 am

I don't know if I was just still in shock from that insane last second loss a week ago on Monday Night Football, or have just been busy doing other things or a combo of both... whatever the reason, I am just now posting this thread to discuss show 3.09. :-)

We'll be recording show 3.10 tomorrow night! :-)

We actually did a two-parter this time. Show 3.09 was our venting show (and there's a funny story about how it really was take two for us, too.. not just the Bills), and tomorrow's will be the preview of the Baltimore game.

We discuss the QB situation, we talk about the game a bit, but really we just rant on the coaches. Their play calling cost the Bills that game. You don't get 6 takeaways and lose a game! Yikes!

We're over it now, but man, what a crazy loss. Perhaps show 3.09 is a BBR for the ages!
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Show 3.09 - "Heartbreaking Loss: Take Two"
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