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 I enjoy me some Dr Z.

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PostSubject: I enjoy me some Dr Z.   Thu Nov 22, 2007 1:17 am

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Here's my dream scenario, and it's right from the last scene of the movie, Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, which happens to be my No. 8 film of all time. Colin Smith, the cross country star for his borstal (reformatory) team, has a big lead on the hotshot from the fancy public school, which in Britain means private school, and in one grand gesture of defiance of the country and the system and everything, he tanks the race. Loses it deliberately. Now it's the 16th game of the season. The 15-0 Patriots, with nothing more to clinch, are facing the Giants. So does Belichick go for the unbeaten record and immortality, or in one grand gesture of defiance toward a system that has derided and scorned and fined him heavily, bench his regulars? If his answer is the curled lip and the raised middle digit, I will personally escort him to the Court of St. James, where I will make sure knighthood will be bestowed. Not because I champion his innocence, I just like to see the establishment get it where it hurts.
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I enjoy me some Dr Z.
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