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 Baltimore v. New England

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PostSubject: Baltimore v. New England   Wed Dec 05, 2007 4:19 am

I watched all of it and was very Proud of how the offense and the defense stepped up'd and played. I will admit that the ravens punted too much in the fourth quarter and gave the Patriots several chances. But on the final drive there may have been questionable calls, including the touchdown. But there are two things that get me about that drive.

1. I believe (don't know exactly though) that only a player on the field and the HEAD COACH can call a timeout, NOT a DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR. Therefore the 4 &1 play should have stood.

2. False Starts should be optional. I understand if the defense reacts to the false start of if it is way before the play, But if it happens and the play starts, the play should be allowed to continue and the defense can have the option of taking the play or the penalty. As evidence in this game, the Ravens would have NOT taken the penalty

Great game all around though
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PostSubject: Re: Baltimore v. New England   Wed Dec 05, 2007 5:45 am

Yes, the refs were mistaken in allowing a timeout from Rex Ryan, but you can't be TOO hard on the guy. The ref is paying close attention to the most crucial play of the game and there's someone behind him screaming for a timeout? Of course he's going to call it. And if you look at it the other way, as in they didn't allow the timeout and the Patriot did get a first down, every ravens fan would be rabid, maybe even more than now.

As for the false start, as soon as the Pats got moved back 5 yards, I immediately said "they've got it". I don't know why, but for some reason I knew they were going to get it. (albeit, I thought it was going to be a slant to Welker)

Too bad for Bart Scott. If it wasn't for him and they returned it at least to the 22 yard line instead of taking the touchback, they might have pulled off that hail mary. cheers
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Baltimore v. New England
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