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 Simmons, You'll love this....

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PostSubject: Simmons, You'll love this....   Wed Aug 01, 2007 1:46 am

I was reading a blog on possible trade deadline moves and saw this line in one of the last paragraphs:

Quote :
Or, as one Yankee official groaned recently, "In all of baseball, nobody gets less out of more than Kyle Farnsworth."

Kyle Farnsworth used to be a pitcher for the Cubs and while he was here he pretty much did what that Yankee official was talking about. He could throw a fastball that clocked at 100 mph consistently. But he couldn't put any movement of any kind on it so it was always just hanging out over the plate and he killed the Cubs.

Apparently, he is doing the same for the Yankees.

I thought you might appreciate that Simmons because I remember how you used to complain out Farnsworth.
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Simmons, You'll love this....
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